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Best Plant Additions to Make for Keeping Backyard Ponds Healthy

The incorporation of plants into pond ecosystems is a widely recognized method for enhancing visual appeal while also promoting overall ecosystem health. This article will discuss some of the most well-suited plants for this purpose in the Midwestern United States.

5 Best Fish Species to Add to Ponds in the Midwest

Ponds are a great addition to any backyard, and one of the essential elements of a healthy pond ecosystem is the fish. Fish play a vital role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem, and selecting the right species can have a significant impact on the pond’s health.

Early Emergent and Winter Specialized Pond Algae in the Midwest

Algae are microscopic, photosynthetic organisms that live in a variety of aquatic environments, including ponds. During the winter months, many algae species in the Midwest United States die off due to the cold temperatures and reduced sunlight. 

The Role of Beneficial Bacteria in Your Pond or Lake

Ponds are a natural ecosystem that support a diverse array of aquatic life. They are also a popular feature in gardens and landscapes, providing an attractive and tranquil setting for relaxation and enjoyment. However, maintaining a healthy pond can be a challenge, as it requires careful…

What Are Fish Kills and How Can They Be Prevented?

Fish kills in lakes and ponds can occur for a variety of reasons, and they can have serious ecological and economic consequences. A fish kill is an event in which a large number of fish die within a short period of time, often due to factors that are beyond the fish’s ability to adapt.

How Nutrients Are Hurting Your Campground Pond

It’s not the algae that keeps coming back, nor is it the over abundant lily pads, Eurasian milfoil, or any of the other invasives that may be taking over your water features.  Without a doubt the biggest enemy facing the vast majority of ponds and lakes is excessive nutrients.