A New & Completely Natural Solution for Your Lake or Pond

When you understand the core problem, Bio-Health Pods are the solution.

Our Mission is to Provide a Natural, Chemical Free Solution to Muck Management

Traditional aquatic management solutions often lead to undesirable results.  Chemical treatments are toxic and over the years become ineffective.  Dredging is messy, costly, difficult to permit, and very often not feasible.  Fountains and aeration help but don’t solve the problem.



Reduce Algae Blooms

Our special blend of beneficial bacteria targets the nutrients feeding algae blooms, leading to less frequent and severe blooms.


Reduce Bottom Muck

Our patented system works hard 24/7 to consume and reduce organic muck in your waterbody.


Improve Clarity & Smell

Due to our specialized system of aeration and bio-generation one of the first things you’ll notice is cleaner water and the elimination of foul odors.


All Natural / No Chemicals

Due to our specialized blend of beneficial bacteria, not only are BHP safe for swimming areas but act as a replacement for chemical treatments.


Free Consultation & Quote

Using satellite pictures of your pond or lake we can generate a personalized plan for you in just minutes.


Easy Installation & Low Maintenance

Completely toolless installation takes less than 2 hours.  Our system works 24/7 for continuous treatment with low maintenance.

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Our Markets

Private Ponds

Ponds left unattended or treated with chemicals for too long will start to be overrun by muck, algae, and aquatic weeds.


Lakefronts can be prone to weeds and muck collecting in front of your property degrading your swim area and making your beachfront smelly.

Neighborhood Ponds

Neighborhood and HOA ponds are often left neglected after they are built.  This can lead to them becoming a smelly, backyard eyesore.

Golf Courses

Golf course ponds can be tricky to manage as many are used for irrigation and chemical treatment can kill your grass over time.


Our solution is safe for contact with people and pets making it the ideal solution for campground swim areas.


Marinas can be a hotspot for aquatic weeds, algae blooms, and muck.  Reducing this can lessen the wear on boats