Dredging is not the solution to muck.

Dredging is costly, difficult to permit, and only a temporary fix.  Bio-Health Pods grow billions of beneficial bacteria a day that consume and digest organic muck. As we reduce muck, clarity and depth will return to your pond.

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“I used to spend my weekends raking and that’s why I fell in love with the Rigero system.  My kids live in the water, I am not putting chemicals out there no matter how safe they are.  The pictures of my frontage now tell a thousand words”.

Scott Everett

Legislative Consultant for Camp Michigan

“We have only had the system installed for a few months and have already seen amazing improvements in the clarity of the pond.  We are very pleased and impressed. Looking forward to spring to see how things continue to improve”.

Dan & Michele Socola

Campground Owners, Nittany Mountain KOA

“I used an aqua-sweep but that only keeps the silt away, it doesn’t remove the muck.  I tried muck mats, but they just help you walk over the silt, and the smell still bubbles up.  Getting rid of the muck was the goal here.  This unit cleaned up the water and brought the fish back.  There was definitely a noticeable drop in the muck.”

Chuck Perricone

Former Speaker of the House for Michigan, Gun Lake Resident

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Excess nutrients lead to frequent algae blooms and weed growth.  Chemicals cause biomass to sink and turn into muck.  Bio-Health Pods naturally target and reduce both of these issues to help recover your pond.

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