Wisconsin Campground Owner Shares His Experience With Bio-Health Pod Systems

Wisconsin Campground Owner Shares His Experience With Bio-Health Pod Systems

In the Spring of 2021, while installing a system at Brown Deer Park Golf Course, one of our strategic partners asked that we reach out to Matt Pargman at Indian Trails Campground in Pardeeville, WI. At this point, we had never considered the campground industry and its need for our system. We made the trek up to Pardeeville and started out by putting two units in their small swim pond and 2 units in an area of their 15-acre lake where they rented paddleboards and other watercrafts. Matt and Tiff told us about their struggles with algae and extensive muck build-up at the bottom of both bodies of water.

Matt reached out to us in the fall of that year and was blown away by the results. Not only had we significantly reduced algae blooms, but through testing of his own accord, we had reduced bottom muck by anywhere from 2-6 inches. Matt and Tiff decided to purchase 10 more systems for their large lake.

As impressive as the results were, the biggest factor was time spent on maintenance. As Matt explained to us, the one thing that campground owners don’t have an abundance of is time. Providing better results than any other failed solution of the past and cutting maintenance time by over 90% made this an absolute no-brainer for them.

Matt immediately told us that we had to get in front of every campground in the country, thus launching us into hectic preparation for the ARVC show that was two weeks away. We had great success at ARVC and have not looked back. The campground industry is unlike anything else, and we are excited to continue helping campground owners nationwide.

Indian Trails Campground located in Pardeeville, WI is one of the premier campgrounds in the state. Family owned since 1965, it has become the most celebrated destination for its wide range of family activities offered in one natural setting. See the sights, climb new heights, sleep under starry nights… and discover why so many families make Indian Trails a yearly tradition!

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